During the last glacial maximum, sea levels were 120m lower than they are today. Indeed, many places now underwater were exposed, such as Beringia, the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, and Doggerland.

A good graphic created on the site “What If XKCD” shows what would happen if the sea level fell by 100m (and further, if you are interested; the question he answered was titled “Drain the Oceans”).

All credits go to What If XKCD.

If sea levels fell by 100m, then we can see that Beringia has reappeared. Britain is connected to mainland Europe via Doggerland, and the Scandinavian peninsula is as well. Sri Lanka is connected to India, Australia and New Guinea are also connected, while much of the Indonesian archipelago has now joined mainland Asia. Other smaller differences are that some islands or low-lying peninsulas have grown in size; Florida, Japan, and the coast of Argentina are noticeable in this regard.

What would happen politically if such a change were to happen?

I would guess that Russia and the USA would use their already-present maritime borders to create a border in Beringia. I imagine that the two countries being connected could cause some tensions in a present-day political scenario, but it could also help relations, with trade being easier. One interesting thing is that now that North America is connected to Eurasia, a road could be built to connect most of the world’s population by land transport! There have already been ideas to do this with a bridge, but due to the area’s extreme cold and remoteness, bridge construction would not be economically feasible. A road would require far less maintenance or costs. You could now drive from London to New York City.

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