In Retrospect…. I would say Yes.

I live right in the middle of Silicon Valley in the same apartment complex. I’ve been living in the same apartment suite for the last 10 years, and now the place is crawling with ants and the paint on the walls are getting very old. The sprinkler actually broke a few weeks back and flooded an entire closet with water. The rent also is increasing every year, and the leasing manager is not willing to negotiate.

The problem is that my family do not have much options in the area in terms of houses. The housing prices in Cupertino and the rest of Silicon Valley are crazy high due to the increased salaries of the tech workers and the opportunities. People are willing to fight over ridiculously small houses just to have an advantage of being close to the tech companies.

Just the other day, I saw an 897 square feet house on the market for 2.5 million dollars!!…

It also has gotten to the point where making about 200k a year is considered “middle class”.

Making a living in the area is very difficult if you are not in the technology sector. But at the same time, this area is a very exciting place to work, and smart people are all around you.

This house is worth 800,000 dollars despite it being burned out.

*Thankfully, I am heading off to college next year fall and that could present a chance for my family to move to another state, at least making an improvement compared to our current living conditions.


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